Cycling as a tourism product is gaining significant traction, with an increasing number of both domestic and international tourists showing interest across Serbia.

The ‘Bike Friendly’ certification is awarded to hotels, municipalities, and businesses that meet specific criteria for offering tailored services to cyclists.

To qualify for this certification, entities must satisfy certain standards to join the international ‘Bike Friendly’ network.

NatTour, a non-profit organisation based in Greece, initiated this comprehensive project.

Veselinov Tourism Consulting (VTC) is the designated representative for Serbia, managing ‘Bike Friendly’ Serbia from 2024 onwards.

If you are a hotel, municipality, or business aiming to promote and support sustainable cycling by offering relevant services to your guests or clients, we invite you to join the network.

This initiative in Serbia is currently backed by the Ministry of Tourism and Youth of the Republic of Serbia and the Business Association of the Hospitality Industry, HORES.

For further information and to become part of the ‘Bike Friendly’ Serbia network, please contact us at:

Bike Friendly Serbia actions are supported by governmental organizations and travel & hospitality industry associations: